Sunday, January 23, 2011

Things that prove you have no life...

Oh hey guys.

I haven't posted on this blog since last year!
See, it's funny, because, I haven't posted since August of last year. Heh. What a classic joke. I get it from every single teacher on January 2nd when we come back to school.

Anyway, I've been super busy with this school year. 1st term was marching band, and then during 2nd I was moving to Orem...And then at the end of 2nd term I got a bunch of stuff dumped on me by teachers...But now that the semester is over, I know for a fact that I have no life.

Besides working on my solo and ensemble music, I have nothing going on at all. In the past two weeks, my days go a somethin like this.

-Wake up at 7am
-In the PT cruiser by 7:15
-7:30 to 2:15 school
-2:14 to 4 practice
-4:10 to 6 Halo Reach
-6 to 7 eat as quickly as possible and do homework as quick as possible
-7 to bed more halo reach.

Okay, but in my own defense, I have had a crippling cold that has left me unable to do anything else besides school, eating, and sitting in front of the T.V. pummeling blue and red foes.

I wish my guy looked like this guy.

Which brings us to all of your answers.

Sam Acosta is one of my XBOX live friends, and she knows how much I've been playing. She said
-Your gamer score.
I'm assuming that was aimed toward me, because I would deserve that. For the past 2 weeks the most important thing to me was to level up on Halo Reach. Oh, let me correct my comment. I've gone from Captain to Commander in about 2 weeks. Triple nerd score goes to Kent.
Oh, and by the way Sam, It does take forever to get through warrant officer.


Kim Call is on drumline like me. Also like me, she supposedly still has nothing to do and it's middle of offseason for marching band. Luckily though, Once Solo and ensemble kicks in, I'll regain life.

Andrew, don't tell me you have pulled an all-nighter to play pokemon. That would be almost as bad as going on youtube to find quick ways to level up in halo reach. Stop before it's too late...Before you become like me. Or even worse...

Before you become like Chantel. Her biggest concern on a Saturday night is what time she should take her cold pills so you don't fall asleep too late.

Heh. Jokes on you Chantel.

...Wait, That's something I do too.
Managoose Knanaguckles! You got me again.

To make it worse, Finn said Getting good grades.

3.827 GPA last term, I was way proud until now.

Yep. I see this was a good chance for everyone to make fun of my nerdy noliferness. look up noliferness. It's there I'm sure.

Thank you Celia for protecting me a little. The average age of the house I live in is 56.8 or 59.8 (could be either but I'm not doing the math right now) and I am 16.
What else am I supposed to do in this place? My choices are Halo:Reach, do a jigsaw puzzle with my mom, watch Dad play zuma and do crosswords, or rub my grandma's back with vaporub.

Oh wait, I do the last one every night.

Benson, don't make fun of my favorite Grocery shopping passtime. Skinless, boneless, wrapped in plastic. Poking it with finger. Rubbing? Maybe.
...Better than a fish fetish which my brother-in-law might have.

Okay, Christian Garrett is another one of my xbox friends. He pointed out in class that I'm online whenever he gets on, and Mckann defended me a little bit. Whenever I'm online, so Is Christian. I'm not the only one with no life here.
...That's not true at all, I still play way more than Christian.

Amy said - You rented Megashark vs Crocosaurus from RedBox.

That sounded like you were pointing that to me, Amy. How do you know if I rented that or not?

...No really, how did you know I rented Megashark vs Crocosaurus?
The title is really misleading, actually. It was a BAFF movie.

Jon-Michael, come to percussion some day eh?
Don't make fun of Justin for marking time in public, because don't we all? Justin just does UVU/BD marking time so it's more obvious.

Niels, drop that subject. I officially got over my toddler fear as of last year.
(See It's funny because I got over it only a month ago but It sounds longer because I said last year.)

But really, do want to know why I'm scared of toddlers?
When I was 7, I was asked to watch a 2 year old for like 30 seconds, and that toddler fell down the stairs. It was traumatizing.
Kim Holman, If you ever read this, I'm sorry. I let your child fall down our stairs, and if any of them complain of a headache then it's my fault.

So anyway, thanks everyone for commenting. Yeah, I have no life, I know. Thanks for telling me again.
But then again I have no reason to complain because I have a pulse right? Thanks Sister Chapman, your comment was the only one that made me feel good.

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