Thursday, July 22, 2010

After the Ward Potluck...

Hey guys.

After the awesome ward potluck, I got together with my friends to play some Things...
It was pretty good.

Picture from left to right: Andy Magelby a.k.a. Sam Bean, Natalie Christensen a.k.a. Nervous Pervous, Jaeho Yu a.k.a. Jaezo, Celia a.k.a. Frisky Sisty, Benson a.k.a. Tender biter. And then there's myself, Kent Schmutz.

About Them...

Celia is my sister. She just got off her mission about a month ago...Already thinking dirty thoughts.

Benson is Celia's boyfriend. He's really nice. This was his first time he played things... What a trooper!

Natalie is Celia's besty. That's what they call each other...Cute, right? She lives right up the street and she is awesome.

Andy is Natalie's boyfriend. Natalie thinks he looks like Sam Bean, singer of Iron and Wine. Well, at least when he grows his beard for another month.

Jaezo is my friend. We have been friends ever since he moved into our ward. He's really cool. We play CODMOW2 together. He's way better than I am...Not talking about that right now.

This was a pretty good night of things... It would have been better if everyone wasn't playing because I begged them to. I just needed some material to blog about, sorry If you didn't have a good time, guys...Anyways.

Let's get into the juicy gameplay.

Things you shouldn't do on your desk.

Benson - Mounting animals
Benson's into taxidermy...

Andy - Re-enact scenes from the musical "Cats"

Me - Get busy with the receptionist.

Natalie - Bicycle legs
My mom suffers from RLS.
R estless
L eg
S yndrome
She does bicycle legs to calm her restless legs.

Jae - Vigorously scrub at your pants because you spilled coke on them.

Celia - Dance on it
Oh, she's just getting warmed up.

Things you shouldn't lend.
(Thinking that it will be returned to you)

Kent - Your Spouse

Jae - Those fun balloons
He was building on to one of my old answers...Things that should be free? I said "Those fun balloons in the men's bathroom."

Natalie - Vagisil / Foot Pummice
Hope your not embarrassed that you said that. And this answer brought up a great conversation about the pedegg. Don't lend those either.

Celia - Rape horn
Ever seen Arrested Development? Like anyone would want to R her...

Benson - Garments

Andy - Syphilis (spelling?)
Even Andy didn't know how to spell it. I didn't know it was an STD.

Things you could use as an excuse on judgement day.

Kent - He pinned me down, there was nothing I could do!

Jae - I was born gay...

Benson - It started with a little biting tenderly...
Anyone seen silent library? Play off that. Really funny.

Celia - But...I'm retarded.
Just getting warmed up.

Natalie - I have diarrhea.
She tried to explain this to us. "What If you could have done a really important thing, but instead, you had to go?" Rough idea of what she said. It was actually funny.

Andy - It was the D****d leprechaun!

Things you shouldn't say to your boss.

Me - Anything I can do to get a raise?

Jae - Are you, um....Gay?

Andy - Your nails are tacky and you're a lousy kisser.

Benson - Can I lick your nipple?
When Celia was on her mission, Andy sent her a random picture of a fat red headed man showing his nipple with glee...We were talking about it earlier in the night.
Note: I had the picture up for a while, but It was really gross. I deleted it.

Natalie - No comment.

Celia - Your daughter's cute, how old is she now?

Things you shouldn't say to your wife.

Kent - Your sister's looking good...

Jae - Hey...You were horrible last night.

Natalie - I know what you are, but what am I? (Repeated over and over.)
Looks like someone took a trip back to 5th grade...Huh, Natanne?

Andy - I'd say your a 3, but your a demon in the sack.
No comment.

Celia - Do you want me to answer that honestly?

Benson- On a scale of 1 to 10, you're about a 8.75

About this last one...All of us have been obsessed with scale of 1 to 10 jokes ever since my brother Clark made a mistake.

Clark said to his wife that on a scale of 1 to 10 of attractiveness, she was a 9.
He also said that 10 was reserved for a time when Clark might see a sex goddess. Haha. Never letting Clark down on that one.




Kent - WINNER ----------------> They let me win.
Jae - Perv of the night
Andy - Funniest answers
Celia - Most likely to get better
Natalie - No comment
Benson - Rookie of the year

AND THERE WE GO!!! That's all there is this time. Hope you enjoyed.


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  1. Very entertaining, Kentster. I'd give it a 9 out of 10.