Monday, July 26, 2010

Things I wish I hadn't seen...

The 2010 Purina Dog show.

Oh Mylanta, guys. Yesterday, after church, I turned on the T.V. What was on?
Re-runs of the dog show.

It wasn't just a dog show, It was a dog SHOW. It started with the agility course, where the owner runs around with their dogs, putting them through tubes and over/through bars. Then It was the finals. The last dog to run made a bunch of mistakes and got really confused about where to go and stuff. I felt bad for that dog.

Then the winner handler was a total gem. She had no idea how to interview, she looked way too frazzled to be on national T.V. She looked more pained than excited when she won.

Then it went to the frisbee throwing contest. So many leaps and throws and catches... It was all choreographed according to the announcer. Yep. Music to throw and catch frisbee to. For. Dogs.

After that....Wait for it...
Wait for it....

Dog. Surfing.
Dog surfing.

Apparently, this is a TOTALLY normal and common activity in South California now. The only requirements are that the dog swims, and the owner swims. That's it. All it takes to make your dog a pro surfer. You should youtube this or something. Am I the only one who has never seen this? The commentators kept talking about how confident the dogs looked on the board. Well, to me, they look so...Unexcited.

Maybe it's just me. I didn't think there was anything more ridiculous you could do with your dog besides this. The regular dog show.

I honestly don't know how they choose, especially the dog that took 1st in the picture. I think he's attacking his owner. What do you think that dog is really thinking? Things that dogs really say when they bark... Then there's the dog to the right. His owner is congratulating the winners, but the dog is obviously really chapped.

Maybe they should choose winning dogs by how excited they are to be there.

Well, that's the dog show. Actually, it was pretty fun to watch, but my gut told me that's weird. The best part were the names of the dogs, but I forgot most of them. Look them up.

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  1. Dog-surfing, huh? Well, now I know what I want to be when I grow up! A dog trainer for the normal dog show, but THE dog SHOW!