Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Things you wanted to be when you were growing up.

I loved everyone's comments! This was a good one.

Mckann wanted to be a nun. Who wouldn't? Anyone that has seen the Sound of Music wants to be a nun.

Finn wanted and still wants to be a knight. I remember when the Christensens would cut head holes out of pizza boxes and use it as armor. Way creative. Then they got these cool wooden swords from Chiner. Finn was DESTINED to be a knite. BTW Finn, let's watch X-files soon.

Jon-Michael wanted to be and is a kid. Always will be.

Yahya! My favorite brother-in-law! And not ONLY because your my only brother-in-law. Yahya is married to my oldest sister Annie, and they live in New York.

Yahya's first answer was Thor, which makes sense. He's a very comic book type guy.
His SECOND answer was Utah Yuyah. Oh yes.

Yahya has a very unique name, and pretty much no one could get it right when he first came out to Youtah. I mean Utah. But anyway, about the 2nd day he was out with us, Momster asks him, "So how are you liking Utah, Youyah?"
Good thing Yahya is a good sport because that was ridiculous. We will never let Mom forget that one. Oh, and then one time Grandma thought she heard about her grandson-in-law on t.v. but they were just talking about Yo-Yo Ma.

Sister Chapman, if you really WERE invisible, would you abuse that power? Just wondering.

Celia SAID she wanted to be a garbage truck. Well, she couldn't want that because that's what I always wanted to do. I used to watch the Garbage truck empty our can every Thursday. I loved it. Still love it. Maybe I still DO want to be a Garbage truck. Not a driver, the truck.

Niels always wanted to be a woman. I already knew that, all he ever wants for his birthday present is a sensible pair of heels. (Niels is my best friend along with Jae.)

All of your answers gave me great delight.

But sorry guys, there's an OBVIOUS winner.

Chantel, one of my favorite cousins, wants to be in a coma.

I wasn't expecting this AT ALL, because I was thinking about careers and occupations. Nope. Chantel thought better.

She got her inspiration from Buster Bluth, who loves soup.

"Mmmm. I love soup. I wish I could just lie in bed and eat it all day. You know what, I wouldn't even have to taste it, I could just take it through a tube. That's actually be better because then I wouldn't even burn my toungue. . .never let me die!"

Buster and I BOTH are experienced in tribal ritual drumming.

Thanks everyone for your awesome comments! I'll have another question for you soon.
Now, enjoy one of my favorite Buster moments.


  1. Oh, Kent, you continue to be hi-larious!

  2. Of course I would abuse it... that's what it's for!!

  3. Another great Buster B. moment is when they're all in the conference room, and GOB calls Michael a cyborg, and Buster shouts, "He's a robot!", and he tries to point and his hook falls off.

    Also, Kent, I LOVE your blog! It is so much fun!