Saturday, July 31, 2010

Things that scare you...

Lyn, why are you scared of me? There is nothing to be scared about.

Well, I'll tell you what I'm scared of now.
Aliens that grow in you and then rip through your stomach and then kill other people that get close to it.

I watched a rather frightening X-files with Finn, and there's a scary alien thing that does exactly that. Now I'm scared to go in well heated places, because that's where the alien likes to be...

And I haven't slept alone all week.

Chantel and Margaret think their addiction to X-files is scary, specifically their love for Fox Mulder.

Stacey...Why on earth are you scared of white sheets? All I can think of are stains. Are you scared to drink juice on a mattress covered with white sheets?
...Oh, or is it the Halloween ghost costume that scares you?

Niels is scared of Yahya...I am too. Have you ever tried playing vampire teeth with him? He's INVISIBLE.

Vampire teeth is a family game. It's hide n' seek with the lights off, and the person that's it wears glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth...

Under the green blanket is Julie Ann Jay. I love her and miss her so much. I'll remember those moments forever.

Oh. Also, Niels is scared of toddlers. Not me. I was never scared of toddlers AT ALL...
Well, that's a lie. I was terrified of toddlers from the time I was 7 to about 15...

Janell, that's 10% of the population of the WORLD that bought that song. If all of those people banded together, it would be a riot.
Or you could count the 15% of the world population that's downloaded Coldplay's Viva la vida. NOW THAT'S A RIOT. (Check out Niels' blog.)

Bayley's scared of shih tzus.
You think they're scary? Check this out!!!

Meet Sam, the ugliest dog.

Natalie is terrified of back hugs. Me and Niels have this game where one of us distracts her while the other one gets her right around the waist. Without fail, she will fall to the ground, attempting to break the hug. It's best in public, because then everyone looks at her like she's handy. (just had to use your word.)

Nicole, no one likes clowns anymore. Everyone hates clowns...But another one of my fears is wood shop. Last year, I saved about 5 kids from cutting off their fingers. Anxiety attack. The word saw just scares me.

Amy is scared of cranes. It took me a while to figure out what you were talking about...But now I understand. Your kind of scared of BOTH types of cranes. It's a double whammy.

Yes Mckann, that thought scares me too...I have never touched or seen seaweed in person, so I cannot say that I fear it.

Yahya...Only one answer please. I agree though, some people take tickle fights WAY too far...Rev dog?

Celia is scared of tickle fights at the deep end of the pool. Well, funny story. I'll tell it next time.

Everyone! Yahya hates full body hugs...Don't give him a full body hug next time you see him. ;)

Thanks everyone for your comments! If people keep coming, I'm going to have to start choosing favorites now that band camp/drum camp is going to start.

This one time at band camp...wewereallreallytiredbecausewedbeenpracticingforlike4hoursstraightandwendywasatthetimpaniandilookedoverandshehadfallenasleep.iLOLd.

Anyway. Want to see one of my favorite Youtube vids?

What was she thinking?

That's it for this post.

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  1. WHOA buddy! You totally misrepresented my response to all of your loyal followers!!! I'm crushed!

    Let's have a printed correction here. Let the 'facebook comments on status' record show that in response to the status, "Things that scare you" I said on Friday at 12:33pm, "How I have never grown tiresome of watching FBI Special Agent Fox William Mulder and FBI Special Agent Dana Katherine Scully, M.D solve stuff and not solve stuff.
    And it's scary how cool our cousin C.H. is. She is just scary cool."

    I in no way inferred from my statement that I LOVED either said FBI agent. I did state that I never grow tired of THEM solving things and not solving things. And I find it scary that C. H. is such a cool cousin. I rest my case. Time for an apology.