Sunday, July 18, 2010

For Starters...

Hello. My name is Kent Schmutz. That's a nerdy picture of me.

I have decided to start blogging. I doubt it will last long.

Yesterday, It was very hot outside. I became very thirsty. I drank Mountain Dew to quench my thirst.
Today, I am suffering from dehydration. I am very fatigued and my head hurts.

And I decided to start a blog in my state of tiredness.

What is the funniest thing in the world?
In my opinion, the funniest thing in the world is playing the game of things... with my irreverent friends and family.

This is probably the best game to ever exist. Go buy it. I play this game with my family and friends very often. I have decided that I will blog about every round of the game of things...
(Things for short.)

I am going to try and blog every time I play this game. The blog will include highlights, winners, losers, and the Perv award. I'll add a few little extra things in between.

Friends and family, this is for you. I will never let you live down your worst answers.


  1. Kent! I love that you started a blog! I'm going to follow it faithfully so I hope you keep posting!

  2. Kent Kent Kent Kent Kent! I have been CRAVING this game. Can we please play it soon? Oh... And I miss you. The end.

  3. Kent! Blog til your fingers fall off! i'm so excited about this!