Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Glass Castle changed my life.

Oh my grash.

I just finished one of my favorite books of all time. It's actually a memoir, and It's sort of depressing, but it's really good.

I had to read a Non-fiction book for AP English summer homework. I chose it out of a list, and Glass Castle had parentheses by it that said (Mature Content).
Thinking I was bad butt and able to handle any book, I chose it. Also, Celia said it was really good. She warned me that It was sad, but I didn't listen.

It's about Jeannette Walls, a very smart girl that grows up in a crazy family. Her Dad is an alcoholic, and her Mom didn't really want to take care of kids. She and her siblings are brilliant, and are able to make it to New York to take care of themselves, and they live good lives.

It was a really good book. It was sad, but really good. I recommend reading it.


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  2. Glass Castle is pretty good! Here's my review on amazon: Click Here

  3. I"m reading it right now! for AP english right?? I want to drop-kick those parents across the nation.