Saturday, July 24, 2010

Things you shouldn't tie to the roof of your car...

Celia gave me this really good idea a few days ago...Why don't I ask the questions on my facebook, and people can just comment? It's a really good idea, because then I don't feel that I have to play things every week.

It's just...I've never felt so dedicated to something...Except my Xbox.

The latest question was "Things you shouldn't tie to the roof of your car."
Here are some of the answers.

But first, here's a how-to of roping kayaks to your car. Totally acceptable.

Moving on.

Mara wrote, "Your siblings."
Well, she has about 15 siblings, right? About 10 of the little ones were strapped to the roof on road trips....Or maybe she only has 5 siblings. Don't know.

Jorden Barrow said "Your ex-wife's corpse."
I was a little weirded out by this answer, but my Mom thought it was HILARIOUS.

Sister Chapman wrote "Your children."
Supposedly, duct tape works better than rope when it comes to children. She would know.

Liz obviously has something against the Iranians... Not ALL of them are fundamentalist extremists / terrorists.


Sister Ahlstrom, I have roped drum sets on cars. I agree. It's the most nerve-wracking experience...And I haven't found a way to play the set while driving.

Will C. a.k.a. Aragog said "a dog in a dog crate."
Opposed to a dog NOT in a dog crate. It's TOTALLY okay to rope down a regular dog.
you're making fun of me for the "Where is it?" thing? Well, grow up.

And then there's Andrew. He said "Your XBOX." Then he went on about how much Xbox I play. Well Andrew, I might delete you off my xbox live friends so you can't tell when I'm online. And I'm only at 4th prestige. Not that obsessed. (Jae's at 10th prestige...Don't even start accusing ME of being obsessed.)

Note: Skip this whole paragraph if you don't know what UMP45 FMJ means.
THEN Andrew and Will C. had a comment war on my wall. They went on about how Andrew was obsessed with Xbox, and Andrew tried to defend himself. Andrew, If your internet wasn't in your words gay, you would probably be at 7th or 8th prestige, because your so pro and obsessed with CODMW2. You did beat Spec ops on Veteran. I couldn't do that. And prestiging is not overrated because you get all of those fancy extra classes. BTW who wants to hear my favorite class?
ACR silencer with a M10 red dot sight. Throwing knife, flash grenades, and painkiller deathstreak.
Perks-------> Sleight of Hand Pro, Stopping Power Pro, And Ninja/Commando Pro.
I have every single one of the perks (Not including Hardline and One man army, not perks...) pro-ed...And I'll beat anyone at a quickscope/no scope/throwing knife lobby besides Jae.

Anyway! General public can keep reading.

Celia is still currently trying to think up a clever answer...It's been about 4 days.
Celia---------> Most likely to get the best answer in a week or so.

Thanks for all of your awesome comments everyone! Celia, good idea. Maybe by next post about Things you wanted to be when you were growing up, you'll have a sweet answer.

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